Saturday, January 12, 2013

Goooo Broncos!!!

Our beloved Broncos play today ... Mr is nerve-racked O.o ... I am confused like always *.*   Maybe 2013  will be the year that I learn this sport. For me, the best thing about sports is the food spread ... nachos, fresh made donut holes, subs ... yummy =D  It is funny though to see true fans (not the ones who follow the winning team for a seaon) all rational goes out the window with all the superstition. 

I always think of my Gilmore Girls (yes I'm going there) in one of my top 10 favorite espisode ~ S3E15 ~ SH High hockey team is in the state play off and the Doose clan is in town to see it (poor Taylor ... this guy is picked on by everyone) Rory is upset with Jess for not treating her well and starts to compare him to Dean (never a good idea) so she goes and mets Lane (who is on a fake date) at the game and sees Dean with his new girlfriend (and future wife) Lindsey. The scene that I always think of when I go to a game with my Mr. is:

(Rory mets Lane and the game starts)
Kirk: Peopple of Stars Hollow, are you ready to rumble? Then let's get it on.
[ref drops the puck to start the game]
Kirk: And the puck is down as the first quarter begins. Period, sorry. First period begins, my bad.
Rory: So, this is sports.

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