Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Done...Finally!!

FINALLY!! I'm done with this book!! There were times I wondered if this book was like one of those dreams where you are running but never really moving forward. It took me 4 1/2 MONTHS  *blushing* to get thru half the book - I quit my job and start one that is more hours (steadier hours but about 10 hrs more per week) and read the second half of this book in 2 WEEKS!  *o*  Hmmm I guess sometimes things hold you back in ways you didn't even know - right? Ok - enough about that back to the book. Ok the whole free world already knows what a HUGE James Patterson fan I am =D BUT I think I can get into Connelly - this book was very nicely written *after I get done with my next book I think I will try Connelly's book The Poet - it seems to be the prequel to this book and since it mentioned it a few times - I'm intrigued* This book did not have too many characters and the story line wasn't complicated or erratic (which I hate - like if making things harder to follow makes it more clever TO ALL YOU WRITERS: IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU MORE CLEVER IT MAKES YOU BROKE!) Just like Patterson (well atleast the Alex Cross series) it gives you who the bad guy is - what you are reading (and waiting for) is how these two charaters' worlds intersect. I was reading this bloody thing eevvverryyywhere my poor Mr - I even took it (and read it) at the company picnic party - I couldn't help it - I even got ice cream on my book! LOL
My next book on my list is Beverly Barton's Don't Cry - Yup - another serial killer book - hmmm I wonder if that means anything? Gosh! I hope not! I'll let you know about it when I'm done. Happy reading everyone =D

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