Monday, November 8, 2010

My Room

About a week ago Susan over at "Between Naps on the Porch" is asking to see our "Mom Cave" well here is mine. It used to be our Princess's room and about 3 1/2 seconds after she moved out it turned into My Room :D I do EVERYTHING in this room: read, research, watch tv, chill, schoolwork (when Im not on the computer), excercise (kind of), wrap gifts and sew. So needless to say it gets really, really, really messy very fast! Once upon a time it had just plain white walls and a few years ago we painted the walls "False Cypress" by Behr and the wainscoting/trim "Ash White" also by Behr. *these pictures really doesn't do it justice - it is a really nice green/grey color* Any how ... my Mr made the bookshelves and desk for our daughter who is a HUGE reader and we put in a large slat wooden blind to complete the cottage look. I just need to still put up more corkboards (rather than pictures so that I can rotate my creative pictures to suit the project) This room is full of memories of the past and all the posibilities that the future has.
Holy Geez!! What a mess!!

Creative chaos :D  The calendar still says "September"
*Princess made me the "hankie" that says "Sneez" when she was about 9*

Aaahhh ... clean - Thanks for helping me clean Bobby : p
*the chair used to belong to my Dad-it must be 20+ yrs old*

All my craft books and jewlery supplies .. also my school supplies.
Kids projects and a few favorite things on top of shelves.

This is how you can find me. Nice use of the excersice ball.
Already thinking of Christmas ^o^

Sewing supplies on the right and STILL trying to master
Charlie Brown christmas songs : }

View from my desk - the TV is still outside - in Phoenix everyone
does this since the weather is beautiful right now : D

Only a few of my magazines .. organized by holiday and type.


  1. What a great space! Lovin all the shelving!

  2. Great tour of your MomCave! ~Heidi
    (Found you via Metamorphosis Monday)