Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have A Great Thanksgiving? (Tons of Pics)

I sure hope you did! Mine was FANTASTIC! This year everyone from both sides of the family got their respective days off (in-laws are Thanksgiving and Friday and mine is Saturday) - so we got to see evveryybody! Yea  =D The kids are getting so BIG and accomplishing soooo much - sports, clubs and jobs - I have a hard enough time managing my time but these kids are busting it alllll over the place. Also this year I forgot my camera at home - good because I participated instead of standing in the back snapping picures and bad because I don't have this years shots. But since last year we went fishing (yup it was extremly cold) and this time only the guys went on the death-defying act of 4 wheeling (yea - like I was going to go and I didn't trust the guys with my camera) - I am posting last years pics and since my camera was new to me I took pictures of evverrything and evverrybody LOL
We will start with the drive there and back. This drive is about 7 hours but it feels like 30 hours - it takes forevvverrrrr - I'm so serious! If anybody has ever driven from Tuscon to Southern New Mexico they can also testify that it is horrendously boring. Flat dessert land as far as the eye can see but I know that most of my readers are not from the Southwest so you might enjoy these pictures.
Good Morning Sunshine

Contemplating - What? I don't know, he never tells me the truth =D

Imagine - this view all around you

A storm is following us and caught up a few times

Even though it's sunny 
 you can barely see the mountain behind the rainbow

And just like that *snap* nothing but blue skies

Pecan and Walnut orchard - Rows and rows of trees

OK now we are here and Thanksgiving has past and now it is the next day and BEFORE dawn (yawn) we are going fishing (mind you I don't fish or hunt - I don't even wear leather shoes - so this adventure isn't a must in my book but as a trooper I took my camera, batteries and a book to keep me sane)
A quick pic of my dinner. Round 1
Round 2 looks similar and if I can do three it's usually desert =D 
I wonder if that is why I'm not a VS model?

Yup! Real wild turkeys - these fellas are soooo lucky the guys
brought fishing poles

Have I told you guys that Me and My Prince get really car sick =o

Welcome to Lake Roberts in New Mexico

The water had ice on it - yea just alittle cold

Can you see the ice on the bottom right of this picture?

This little guy was trying to hide with us
but instead found a different fate
That's it - after defrosting ourselves we came home. Our pets - whom have a sitter that stays with them - are sooo happy to see us. Angel just sings up a storm and Jaws starts to swim around like if a shark is chasing him - it is nice to know we are loved. Now it is time to tear my house apart and start decorating for Christmas. To see some wonderful ideas visit  Between Naps On The Porch and on Dec 6th for Deck The Halls Linky Party - it is going to be sooo much fun.

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