Monday, November 22, 2010

Charmed ...

I have a little (or big) treat for you today. This charm can be as large or small, casual or edgy as you would like to make it. You can use stickers, magazines, or even print a design off the net. All these things can be found at a craft store - I got the rocks, glue and felt at the $1 store and I got the rest of the items at Walmart. I hope you enjoy it. *sorry for the pics its from my phone*

You will need a few things: a CLEAR stone, felt (I like the way it feels rather than a card stock but that can be used too - paper is too thin it won't wear well and fabric gets weird after a few uses), 2 "o" rings, glue (regular and super) scissors, plyers, picture and pencil.

The hardest part of this craft is picking out a picture and then deciding which stone (shapes and clearness are different for each one) - Do you want a border? Then what color? The questions can be endless but just start it because the stones come in a large enough bag that you can make about 20 or so, there are plenty of ideas that can be made.

 Once you decided which picture then simply circle around it with a pencil. Not a pen - it tends to seep/spread the ink and it gets magnified by the stone.

Cut both the felt and picture together (a) it saves time and (b) the sizes will be the same. If you are wanting a color border - trim the picture alittle bit smaller.
Paint/spread white glue on the stone, then place picture (try not to move picture too much it might rip or the color might bleed). Wait until it dries.

Take one of the "o" rings and open it an bend it into a horseshoe design. Place the second "o" ring inside of it. Keep the horseshoe even.

Apply super glue to charm and "o" ring (make sure you are not glueing both on). Let dry completely.

Spread white glue on the back on the charm and apply felt. Smoosh the felt down alittle bit so that it won't be so puffy. Let dry.

Tada! Your one of a kind charm ready for the wearing. Just find a nice necklace (ribbon works nice for a choker and chain if wearing it longer) and enjoy. Or give as a gift and since it is economical you can make several charms, in different varieties for everyone on your list.

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