Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Happenings

First I would like to say that I work with some pretty awesome people - truely I do. Our Halloween party at work - which was on Saturday - was a smashing success. We had TONS of food and some people dressed up in some super cute costumes - Flight Attendent, Zombie Cheerleading Doll, Bunny, Tinkerbell, Mad Hatter, Witch, Kat Von D, Barbie, Rock-a-Billy, 1950's Teen, Gold Digger and a Clown. (It is hard to do services in a costume so some girls opted not to wear one but they knew how to lay out a fabulous spread!)  I could not have had a better time and our clients were so tickled to see us all dressed up. If you remember I did want to be the White Queen but I had such a hard time finding a costume! Grrr!! And if I planned my time better I might have been able to make the costume (but I didn't) and in reality I'd rather spend my money on extra classes anyhow - so I went as a 1950's Housewife with white gloves and pearls! Everyone was calling be by my 50's name "Betty" LOL It was sooo much fun and latter my Mr and I went out to jazz club and I stayed dressed the whole time (they must get weirdos like me there all the time cuz nobody flinched) *Sorry I didn't get better pictures - I used my phone since I was in a panic about forgetting something, I ran out without my camera - funny how often I do that*

Me and the beautiful Mrs Casey

Yummy *o* 
2 Tables FULL of food!!

Zombie Doll and Gold Digger

Creative! This is makeup and cotton! Great job ladies!

Proper and pale like a true 50's housewife :D
I love B/W photos

Ms Brandi and myself

The following day was Halloween and our Princess with her Main Man came over about 10ish to carve pumpkins and watch scarry movies (The Orphan (not all that scarry but a good twist at the end) and Chucky (a classic) So while my Mr is setting up the TV outside - "we" children started to pickout our templates and carve the pumpkins - Princess did a cat with a full moon, her Main Man did a bat, Prince did a weird Jack-o-lantern and I did an owl on a branch. Our day went smoothly and lunch was delicious (cuz I didn't make it :p ) Roasted pumpkin seeds are the best! The kids went home about 2ish  (they wanted to go home and get dressed to pass out candy. It is a "deep breath" moment when your kid wants to incorporate their own traditions.) The rest of the day was spent cuddled next to my Mr. watching movies. Yup! A beautifully blissful day - just the way I like it ;D

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