Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Garden Loving

The last few weekends have been spent preparing our yard for winter (cleaning, weeding, preparing window boxes, spreading grass and planting my lovely garden). Since the weather today was a beautiful 76* it doesn't need to be said that Phoenicians live outside for the 8 months of "winter". So getting our outdoors ready is mighty important and ours is almost presentable.
What a hot mess  =D
After sweeping the ground we spray down the patio - the dust here is horrible!

Come on guys - put alittle muscle into it ; p

Adragonfly friend watching over us our pretty garden

We thought this plant had a growth spurt - but now we think its a weed ^-^

Bye Bye Autumn *o*
But doesn't the grass look fab! Thanks honey *kisses*

A rose by any other name ....

2 types of lettuce, spinach, 2 types of tomatoes, peas,
 cucumbers, string beans, beets, carrots and onions - yummy

Oranges galor!

Mint tea anyone?
My garden at dusk

This is my view when I step out every morning *perfect*

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