Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4 Thanksgivings Dinners!

Take a trip down memory lane when our favorite Girls did a whopping FOUR Thanksgiving meals in one day. In season 3 episode 9 "A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving" instead of saying "Sorry I have plans" they said "Yea sure we will be there" to evverrryybody. After thinking things thru and trying to drop meals from their holiday menu but noticing how disappointed people would be - they decided to put on their best streatchy clothes on and hit the tables! :-D

Meal #1 - Mrs. Kim's - Mmmmm Tofu Turkey : D
Mrs. Kim is watching you!

Meal #2 - over to Sookie and Jackson for some deep fried everything
*I love the outdoor deocorations*
It  is only late Nov in CT its not like it would be cold or anything
which this year it will be 43* and rainy
Meal #3 -  to eat with Luke and Jess
Yup this doesn't seem awkward at all :]

Are you getting full yet? Well don't - we have one more stop!

Meal #4 - Gilmore home
Doesn't this seem cozy? Wait where is she taking the turkey?!

Natalie (Dinner Guest) to Lorelai: You have your mother's wit.
Emily: Sometimes I wish she'd give it back.

Our happy girls : D

Now that is how a Thanksgiving is done!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from us here at Dragonfly

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