Monday, November 15, 2010

Half Moon or Reversed French

I have been seeing Dita Von Teese's reversed french manicure around lately. It was kinda big back in '07 then picked up last year and .. it'ssss baaaack. Dita sports a silver moon with a retro red nail base. Every kind of color combo (green/red, gold/green, black/white) has been out and the techniques for some have been too technical (and others look too sloppy). So here is my interpretation of this look.
I used this cool retro red (Cherry Red) as the moon color
Apply and let dry. 

Apply french tip guides ($1.88 at Walmart) where the moon would be.

Apply tip color - this is "Manhattan" by NYC .
It is such a great color. Let dry COMPLETELY!

CAREFULLY remove the stickers

Use orangewood stick or cotton swab to remove excess
around nail and swipe a coat or 2 of clear polish.
*Don't forget to put lotion on your hands - like I did ^o^*

There you have it ... clean, perfect nails :)
*I found that the matte colors looked best but maybe its just me*

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