Wednesday, August 4, 2010

211 Makeup Pics

211!!! That is how many makeup pictures I have taken. 211!!! That is insane!! I think I'm going to need to ease up on the button just a tad bit ;p I am a HUGE picture taker - I figure I can erase later. So makeup class with Ms Fran is done *and it was sooo much fun and we  even made lipglosses* and now I am onto the road of completing my makeup portfolio.  So I dragged my poor friends and my little princess into my insanity *sorry everybody* sit here, sit there, sit still, stand here, look this way and now that way. YIKES ;o But I got some great pictures! Which is what really matters, right?! I'll make it up to them - maybe brownies will help ; D So here is a sneak peek of my cool pics.
This is my little apple - boy she looks like she had a crazy night with Lindsy Lohan ;o

Much, much, MUCH better ;p
The wedding pics almost made me cryEvening - I'm not a believer in ALOT of dark colors
 I didn't even let the glue dry before taking pictures
Bella - Team Jacob - sweet n nice
Bella - Team Edward - vamp trampI looove the colors
Golden Girl
My princess was such a troopper - that she even came to school with me for my final test out and she was feeling horrible - she is on crazy meds, had a migraine and since it has been raining her asthma kicked up AND her insulin was wearing off as the night past on. But she came and I think I got a pretty great grade out of it. So when she gets better I will have to take her out ; D

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