Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello And Goodbye

Hello to everyone via Facebook!! Welcome! Also to all of our SMI clients who happen to be reading this. Today I wanted to give out snapps to two of them. First, is Allison C. who made me an incredible salsa - which I ate on Sunday for Jon's b-day movie/snack day - it was soooo yuuuummmy :D Thank you-thank you! Second, is to a great person Cheryl A. - whom if you are a student going into her class you are going to have a totally fab year. She is so terrific!! Hi Cheryl!!
Goodbye to two fellow classmates - Bernadette E. and Karen L. *tears* These two ladies are just so super cool. They are what all technicians aspire to be: smart, beautiful, kind and very talented. Congrats you two - I don't have to wish you luck because I KNOW you will do great.

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