Monday, August 9, 2010

Holiday Week

I like the English way of calling time off "holiday" - it has a happy tone with great memories - the word "staycation" implicates having to stay home rather than wanting to be there to begin with. I did not get to half of what I should have accomplished on my time off but I did get what I needed - down time. Little things that seem special when you don't have the time: colored my haired, a quick pedi (orange toesies seems cheerful), read some new blogs and caught up on some favorite ones (have you seen Alicia's cool  craft room), a quick enzyme (MyChelle makes some yummy ones I love the pumpkin ), watched some movies, watched more Star Trek with my Mr. than I want to admit - the things we do for love :D, played with my dog and took care of my little nest - which I like to do. Also got some school work completed: the makeup book came out well, got my spa layout done - just need to print it and figure out how I wish to display it, and almost done with my price sheet. I still have other projects to do and I probably should have done more chapters but I'm not going to dwell.
Also during my break I got to spend a very rare Saturday - when I mean rare I mean the next time I will get a Saturday off to go will be Christmas- at the Roadrunners Park Farmers Market (SR50 and Cactus) and it was such a beautiful day to walk around. It is my first time at this market and it was such a treat. You must go - people were sooo friendly and since it is a park there is this a pond with ducks, turtles and fish (yes you can fish - should is the question), baseball field, swimming pool, basketball courts and a jungle gym area - you can take your pets and not feel out of place. Here are some snaps - I didn't take any of the market I was respecting peoples privacy.
This is Mable-isn't she precious
I can't rember this dog's name but she should be named Skittish : D
It's Nessie - No! It's a turtle :p
Dad and son fishing - Ahh tons of memories. This little boy was just too cute for words.
This poor guy was longingly starring at the swimming pool.
A beautiful day!
Lunch is ready, clothes are pressed, coffee is set, cookies are made - yup I'm ready for another week of school.

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