Thursday, August 5, 2010

OMG! What Was That!?!

*Yup that is me and Mr screaming at Sea World*
I am done with my first week in Module 2 and boy was that a crazy ride! The difference between the two classes is crazy! Module 1, you are on the Baby Buble Bee ride (remember those : D) nice and cute and fun. Now, Module 2 is like the crazy roller coaster ride from Sea World (there is an elevator and the door opens and all you see is sky :o - that is the moment you know that your life is going to change). Chemistry and Electricity were the nemisis I knew they would be but the teacher, Ms. Cunningham, teaches in a style similar to how I did when homeschooling  *kinda in a montessori way - never in a dumbing down way but just explains her message is an interesting way* so I understood what she was saying - which got me two very, very, very great grades ;p  Connecting the dots between the book work - to hands on practical - to real world applications is like teaching a child to read - it can be tricky and much harder than need be if you don't have patience or knowledge of what you are saying. But Ms C does it with such ease and has this way of conveying what she is trying to teach - ok catch this - she was eating a salt-n-pepper rice chip and she came to us excited and started to explain that the skin is similar to the chip - the top layer is not smooth and the color isn't even and could have hyperpigment spots that might be more heavier on one side than the other and that the epidermis is as thin - about the thickness of a dime - even though we have other super cool props in the room - we all went ooohh! We caught what she said in class but now all we talk about is that silly chip : D The students are off for a week for summer break and what a break it will be - on my to do wish list are: to do a 4 or more chapters of school work, complete my makeup portfolio, to complete my spa layout project with menu of services, cost break down and to start on my product comparison, and my 3 resumes - these are all due September 23 but why wait to start on them. Even if I don't get it all done at least I have some and then on the weekends I can do a few at a time to where I can complete everything when I get out of Mod 2 - except for my case studies of course (which I get to start on next Tues). But the only way I could accomplish this without too much static from my home life this week is that I had to pinkie promise my husband that I would only do school work when he is at work - he has been placed on the back burnner for the last 5 weeks I think I can give him my weekend and evenings. As every alumn can remember - this balancing act is rarely fair * you do teeter on one side more than the other and the only thing that keeps you going is counting down 'til your next vacation week - which after this one is Thanksgiving ;o and boy I can't wait - I would be done with homework and projects so my holiday will be about reelaaaaxinggg : D ooohh and pie!! I LOVE PIE!!!! Even on my birthday I get pie and ice cream : D

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