Sunday, August 15, 2010

School This Week ....

... went by pretty quick. I am off and running with my case studies. I felt very confident working on them. I have noticed that somewhere within the first 1/2 of the service I stand up and finishing working. I thought it was weird - I didn't do it in Module 1 - I'm not too sure why I do it *scratching my head* I found it tons easier to work this way - I felt much more in control of my environment and didn't get tired in the least bit. I heard that the European eastheticians work standing up - so maybe I'll tell people that I work in the Eurpean style : D
I also got to do services on someone special to me - which made me a bit nervous but I got a chance to use a super cool "Black Onyx Collegen Mask" - it had a thin rubber feel to it and it was cool to the touch - I guess it is to be used for irritated or dry skin - which we are in the dessert skin here is dry and the people are irritated *hee hee - just kidding*- but afterwards her skin looked AMAZING!
She looked alittle bit like Hannibal Lector - which was a bit uneasy - for me, not her - she really enjoyed it.
Ms Cunningham - my progressively forward thinking teacher - got these new shoes called "Vibram 5 Fingers" which look like a cross between surfing shoes and gloves. She says they are very comfortable (and if you are in Phoenix - she bought hers at REI) Ms Fran thinks they look like gecko feet :p I guess you can buy them with different sole thickness, colors and styles.
Well gotta go - I have 200 things to do before school starts and I am feeling a touch overwhelmed but the sooner I start ... the sooner I finish. Yea ... that's comforting :p

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