Monday, February 15, 2010

This year has started with a BANG!

Everything is soooo quiet. My kids are moving on with their lives (yea and tears) I always knew that this day would come, when it is going to finally be just me and the Mr. (my kids were very little when we got married) and we always looked forward to it - you know the day when we can order pizza and the left overs would still be in the fridge the next morning. I'm truely happy for them but I'm so used to having them around - atleast one - I've homeschooling them (on and off for 9 years now), drove them to their friends, dance, ect. that now I'm standing here alone I feel alittle displaced. I do have my Mr - thank goodness - but if a wife starts to treat her husband like a child then her husband will look at her as his mother and I DON'T want that. Since I have one of everything (a son, a daughter, a step-daughter, a husband, a cat, a dog, a fish and a bird) and not allowed to have a multiple of anything then I guess what that leads me is to you. So here is to new adventures.

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