Friday, February 19, 2010

Blue Blue Days

In my quest to toe outside my small little box - I have been very bold. Are you ready - drum roll - here it is!!
That is right blue little nails and I have been feeling quite silly wearing this polish. I am a pink, blush, nude nailpolish kind of a girl so this is EXTREME for me but I wanted to get out of that mind set, I want to be able to wear the fun spring colors and be ok wearing them.I borrowed this color from my daughter she is the young, hip person with all these crazy colors (yellow, green, blue) the color is from Sally Hansen Calypso Blue and  as a polish it is very good - so far no chipping but the brush is big so it is good for toes but if you don't have a decent nail bed you'll get polish everywhere  ;p I was waiting for someone to say something about it but nobody gave it a second thought but still I have been feeling a little insecure (ok alot insecure) about it - which is why I am still wearing it. To me I just don't feel femine wearing it and there is no need for me to feel this way -to me wild color nailpolish isn't femine but I shouldn't have such a small part of my body define me as a whole. Right?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color blue, as you can see by the picture, my phone (the rumor 2 by sprint - it is the cooolest thing ever! and purposeley picked the blue over red/pink) and my sweater (which is my first non-pattern sweater I made it out of Bernat Baby Coordinate in Blue Bon Bon and it is sooo soft) is just a few things that I have that is blue - so why does it bother me so much wearing it as a polish?  Atleast I can say that I am adventuresome enough to have tried it. Geez I don't know if I survive my little torture experiment.

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