Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy 300th Post!! 8 Weeks Left ~ Dining Room

Wow! 300 posts - it's just crazy how the time flies. I went thru some of my early posts and I can remember the moments I wrote them. Is that weird? I am just really happy that I get to share those moments with you. There are some types of posts I want to get back to ~ the beauty and recipe posts are my top ones and I still need to post the house remodel ~ I have the world's largest DIY/CRAFT list ever that I need to get started on and with any great luck I won't be in my 90s when I am done LOL

Ok, back to the task at hand .. the dining room.  This room wasn't too hideous, it just needed me to put my stuff back (and yes it is always me who is the pile maker) and clean up the hutch. Angel always has a great time when it comes down to his cage being cleaned since he gets to come out and fly around. About a year ago I started putting snails in the fish tank to see if the tank will stay cleaner and I do have to say that they (Eleanor and Rigby) did a fantastic job. And when they passed away I didn't know if I would replace them but I found that I had to clean the tank much more often so back to the pet store I went .. I got a grey/blue and a  yellow/orange, so their names are Jean Grey and Phoenix. LOL .. I can't help that I am such a spaz =D  ** Incase you were wondering about the fish .. the orange and white one is Two Tone and the orange with a black tip fin (which looks like a mohawk) is Magua from the Last of the Mohicans **  I usually have my stand-by creamy yellow table runner that I use but I think I am done with it .. the other side has a southwest design and now I am going for a clean relaxed grandma's farmhouse kind of look and so I think it needs to go, along with several napkin rings which I have never ever used and our outdoor place mats which have been rarely used. We are not those fancy people who do tablescapes .. I love the look but it just isn't in my nature to overly decorate the table with stuff so I need to let go of what I don't use. The tablecloth I got 2 years ago at Target and I really haven't had a chance to use it. Well wait that's not true, I've had several chances to use it but I like having nothing on my tables but a plant or candles, that I just haven't used it. This room houses tons of our little treasures: the antique phone belonged to my Husband's grandfather, the tea pot set belonged to my Husband's aunt and the Mola above the fish tank was my father's and we have had it since I was a child, the little quail stitch work was something I started the 1st year of our marriage and it took me about 4 years to complete (it's been a running joke in the family) and our hutch holds our china and silver which we use for Passover and have wonderful memories. Again the motto: IF I DON'T LOVE IT OR IF IT DOESN'T HOLD A SPECIAL MEMORY THEN IT NEEDS TO GO. Besides maybe perhaps someday getting a bigger fish tank and stand, I think this room is about as decorated as I want it. It's clean, simple and easy to maintain.

Both this room and the living room are in the 'fame' section .. so I need to think red, triangles and flames and all I can think of is natural, airy and bright. I do want to make a redwork table runner  .. I love redwork I think it is so beautiful and I really like it when it is used with a cream or tan background. So I will put that down on my project list .. I think that is project number 515 LOL

The next rooms are the living room and front entry.

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