Thursday, February 20, 2014

9 Weeks Left ~ Craft & Laundry Room

Tick .. tick .. tick .... BOOM!!!!!
craft room - before
craft room - before

Doesn't it seem like a bomb went off in here? Well it didn't this was the crazy holiday mess I was talking about. We dragged all the holiday containers from the closet and tried to organize them as we put up the decorations, then came the gift buying and saving the packages they came in, then I also was cleaning the guest room getting it ready for company so all the cast offs came in here .. I don't know at some point I just let go and it became the HUGE mess you are seeing now *.* Then after the holidays I was so sick I couldn't do anything. And all I wanted to do was to get into this room and clean it out but by the time I got to it I started to feel overwhelmed. I usually don't feel like that over a room (maybe the kitchen) but it has been a while since a room looked like this. So what did I do to feel less overwhelmed? Watched YouTube de-clutter videos .. of course on my phone since I could barely see my computer under all the stuff. And I have to say my absolute favorite hands down without thinking twice is PinkSoFoxy - she is clever, sweet and funny and what I like THE MOST about here videos is that she doesn't show you a messy room and then cuts to a clean room and told you she cleaned everything out .. you are actually seeing and hearing her thought process 'I already have 2 of these why would I need back up' or  'Oh gosh, I forgot these were in here' and she has been really helpful. My motto is: IF I DON'T LOVE IT OR IF IT DOESN'T HOLD A SPECIAL MEMORY THEN OUT IT GOES.  This way I am constantly surrounded by loving memories.  I haven't gotten to any of my wall projects yet .. I want to put up some of my pictures that I have taken as my wall art but I haven't taken the time to through them all to select what it is that I want to display. And I still need to make 2 cork boards .. one for above the sewing machine and the other above the desk. But what I did do was reposition everything to make the room more functional.

One of the first things I did was to make sure I didn't take anything out of the room that was going to be put back in .. in other words I didn't clear the room, clean it and then bring back stuff. I walked in and the first item in my way was either put away or put in the donate pile and I systematically went around the room like this and then I worked on the shelves by clearing each shelf, purge items and examined my placing habits and keeping items that I loved. This was hard when it came to the books and magazines but it had to be done. So now I have room to showcase Elder Princess Easter basket, a postcard and shells from our Hawaii trip, a few dragonflies scattered about, my old cameras had to stay even though they don't work, paintings made by Husband and the kids when we homeschooled and stitched projects made by Elder Princess when she was younger. It is a great room and I feel pretty blessed to be able to have it. 

Much better =D

Special Treasures

I love my Aloha post card .. it's glittery and cute

My new Christmas surprise from my sweet Husband
it's a modern sewing machine with a retro look
painting made by Husband
top painting made by Husband
bottom painting made by our Prince
Hey what about the laundry room? I forgot to take pictures .. what can I say `.`  Nothing much happened in there but cleaned through the drawers. This room seemed easier since it doesn't hold anything of sentimental value. If an item wasn't being used it got passed on. But I am indefinite need to put some wall art in this room.

Next room is the dining room .. that room should be a snap. 

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