Tuesday, February 11, 2014

9 'Til Passover ... 10 'Til Easter

Weeks that is. To prepare for these two extra special holidays I am doing another Organizing The Home 'Challenge' .. I think it has been two years since I challenged myself, so I am definitely due. What I will be doing is picking a room (or 2 if I fall behind) and totally clean it from top to bottom and ALL the crevices in between in one week ** my sweet Husband will take care of the outside and cars .. thank goodness ** And all I will have to do is maintain the room with a quick dusting and sweeping and the day (or two) before the holiday just run thru the house and sweep/mop and wiping down dirty handles/knobs and a quick dusting and ... voila` .. ready to enjoy a beautiful holiday.  Now for me this a workable schedule - I just pick at a room for about an hour every night and by the end of the week it is clean. YEA!  For some, it might be more practical to spend a day or two doing a super deep clean .. either way the results are the same. Tip 1: make sure you have the items you need to do a good job - light bulbs to replace the burnt out one, batteries for the smoke detector and remotes, squeegee for the windows, steam cleaner for the carpets - it will make the job go by so much easier. Tip 2: you might want to break it down into chores rather than rooms - all the walls one week, carpet cleaning the next, windows the following week - tailor it to your cleaning style and needs.  And because I am super insane, this year I am including the purging part .. usually I just clean .. one thing I do to prepare for the Passover/Easter season is 'give up' something for Lent and it is usually the same every year - soda or chocolate or some other trivial thing - but this year I am going to go bold and give up my possessions. No not all of them =D  I am simply going thru my home and really examining what I use, what holds wonderful memories and/or that I truly love and if it doesn't fall into any of those categories then out the door it goes.  So that I can make space for new memories  =D  Good-bye guilt gifts - enjoy your new home elsewhere. And for those with children you might want to skip the purging until summer when the kids are out of school so they can help go thru and learn the gift of 'giving away ones used items freely'. Yes .. it is a gift to give away an item that you either no longer use or never used to someone who will use it and it makes a kid feel really great about helping someone else.

And if you were around during my last home challenge you will see that I am a slight follower of Feng Shui and in no way am I an expert (there are wonderful resources available for free at your library or on the net).  I say slight because even though I don't believe that my money or fortune will go down the drain if I don't keep toilet lid down - I do think that there is something to be said about too much clutter constantly surrounding you and being bad for your overall mental being.  I know that for me, when my home gets too cluttered or when I have accumulated too many items I get overwhelmed and it puts me in a funk *_* Since I have 11 rooms and 9 weeks there will be weeks when I will need to do two rooms - and this week they are the craft room and the laundry room - which both fall in the wealth area, which is located in the farthest left section of the home. They seem to be my catch all rooms so I will try to be diligent to really unclutter these rooms.  Clutter dams up the Chi and it doesn't allow the flow of good energy. This area is the 'wood' area and the wood color is green (great for me since my craft room is green) and the corresponding wealth color is purple (and also red to enflame the wealth in ones life) - example is a picture of purple and red flowers with a wood frame. Both of these pictures would be suitable.

 Anything with water (fish tank) or the corresponding color which is black are also good for this area since water nurtures wood - so the laundry room in this area is 'a good thing' =D So if you are a black wood frame freak like me, well this is the room to go crazy in. I am wanting to make a few large black framed corkboards so that I have an area to hang my patterns and material swatches (along with other ideas).  It's the laundry room that I am having difficulty figuring out how to decorate it.
So again the 'challenge' is simple - tackle a little bit a day and by next week-end you will have a super clean room.

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