Sunday, January 8, 2012

Organizing The Home 'Chanllange'

Well not really a challenge ... more like a goal. So the goal is to be able to accomplish a complete home de-cluttering and cleaning in 13 weeks - that is 11 room in 13 weeks. Why 13 weeks?  There are 13 weeks until Passover/Easter - so IF everything goes well  *fingers crossed*  there should be enough time to give each room 'special' attention and still have a few weeks to decorate and give the whole house a quick spruce WITHOUT losing my mind. Yes .... it is an admirable goal but very much accomplishable =D
Also (and please don't judge too harshly) I slightly follow the Feng Shui practice. I say slightly because I believe that an organized home will be a more productive home. I don't however believe that the demise of my life will come from me putting a white vase with the wrong colored flowers on the wrong side of the house but on the flip side this does help me to think of ways of creatively decorating and organizing my home that I would not have thought of. I can be somewhat rigid person *I think I just heard a GIANT roar of laughter coming from anybody who knows me because I used the word 'somewhat''* Also I will add that I am not saying don't keep the rest of your house straightened - I am saying add this task too.
The above is a what is known as a pagua. You put it over a layout of your place and co-ordiante the two. Yes that's it! (The career is to be placed on the wall where your front door is at) There are tons of resources on the web and in your library that will give you much more detail on this subject than I can cover since I'm not an expert.

I have decided to start with the room on the farthest right and work down and up and so forth (relationship to helpful people then back up to fame down to carrer, ect) It just seems the easiest. This is the master bedroom and it is the 2nd messiest room in my house due to the fact that well ... I can be a tinsy bit sloppy. I come home, get changed and leave everything on my desk. Yea I know ... I know! So to keep it clean until Passover is a challenge within its self. In this room there are a few things to focus on: clear and dust everything and things that don't belong in the room gets moved, dust and wipe down the ceiling fan, de-dust walls and wipe down areas that are dirty from where Rio leans on, wipe doors and trim, un-clutter desk, drawers and closet (the later will be the hardest), wipe down window sills, mirrors and windows. I have already steamed the carpets about 2 months ago and I am going to just 'spot treat' the heavier areas when I am done with cleaning the house. Some people like to 'power clean' and try to do it all in a day (and if that is in your time constraints please do it - you know yourself better than I do and I'm just hear to show you what I do and help in the advise department) but I am going to do a little each night. I think that this will help me decompress after work and not feel like I wasted a weekend cleaning a room. All the principals of cleaning apply - toss what is broken, keep what works for you now and give away the rest - let someone else enjoy what you don't have the time for. Also I am not wanting to purchase anything if I can help it - I am hoping to start remodeling the rest of the house in the fall and so I can purchase things then. The goal for now is to clean the house and to make it a pleasant home for my sweet Mr.

A few quick tips to keep in mind:  this room falls in the relationship (and for me part of the creativity/children section) so here the number 2 is important, also things that show something about the two of you (I put our wedding glassees here), try to keep the kids' things to a minimal - this room is to represent the two of you a couple **if you are single - you are preparing the room for the possibility of another person** The colors here are red, pink and white and the element is earth so two potted plant whose flowers are white works well here and if possible place them in the farthest top right corner for stronger 'enhancemet'. If yours is also in a bedroom - keep under the bed clutter free - it will disrupt your sleep to have things like shoes, boxes, toys etc under you for 8 hrs a night - so clear it out. In my room I have the desk that I got as a teen in the creativity section - this needs to be cleared inside and out as it  'blocks' the creativity (which makes sense if I can't sit at it how am I to create anything?). Keeping the closets, trunks and anything with drawers clear of clutter is important because this is where you 'hide' things and this can represent hiding your emotions or secrets, also clutter is just decisions that you have postponed and what happens is that it sits on your mind and weighing you down - so try to make a concious effort to make decisions (putting shoes away, taking glasses back to the kitchen, throw out junk mail, etc) and last keep this room dust-free, by letting it get too dusty it shows that you are not 'keeping up' with your relationship. YIKES!! *o*

So again the 'challange' is simple - tackle a little bit a day and by next week-end you will have a super clean room.

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