Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year - New Book

I got a small box in the mail from a dear friend from Wisconsin right before Christmas, guess what it could be? Well, if you said books you would be right (and I labeled this post correctly *giggles*). She is an avid reader and sent me some books that she thinks I would like and I am excited to read them. So now that my holiday(s) craze is over and my life is almost back to normal (and since I didn't receive any new Patterson's books for Christmas *tears*) I decided to read "The Scarecrow" - now this is my first Michael Connelly book and so far so good but then ... again ... I am on page 65. I know better than to compare authors but he seems to have a similar writing style as Patterson - by showing us the viewpoints of both the criminal and the main character. I like that I get to see why/why not something accured and how it affected the other character. Maybe that is why I didn't care for  "Werewolf" because it is too one dementional. My goal is to read this book before my 42 B/D which is in April *giggles*. Wish me luck.
Update on "Werewolf of Paris" - hmm ... well ... I got kinda confused (the reasoning why this happened to this guy was far fetched and the language was alittle bit too "old world" for me)  So I really didn't even get out of Chapter 1. So I got the movie thinking I was missing something - well ... half way through that I lost interest and decided to clean. Any time I decide to clean over watching a movie is a BAD sign. At times I can be abit critial over a book (especially if it is in a series - like the Alex Cross series from Patterson) because I compare a book with another in the series. I try not to be critial about a book from a genre that I am not too interested in because I really don't have a basis to compare it too. Another words I am not going to say that "Werewolf" was a bad book and not to read it but I am going to say that it just might not for the mass population.

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