Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dreaming Of A Room

I know...I know technically I am done with school so this post isn't exactly a school daze post but it is relavent about my future. Now that I am getting ready for state boards  I have been thinking more about the kind of room I would like to work at ( You know ... inviting but not too homey, classy but not uptight, clean but not a hospital ... so I looked around the web and these are the kind of rooms that are getting my creative juices flowing.
 (some of these prictures didn't have names to the spas)
alittle small but I like the colors

I really like this room and view but too much gold

I really really like this room
alittle bit too bright but nice set up

I like this bed arrangement
but I'd hate to tear it down every time I had a client

I think this one is the keeper - nice, clean
and perfect *yup* this ones the one *sigh*

YIKES - this is what I DON'T want!
 If you have any ideas let me know =D

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