Wednesday, February 9, 2011

School In Review

My time at SMI-A has been one filled with trepidation, anxiety, worry and fear. But at the end all my feeling (well most of them) have turned to assurance, confidence and certitude. Threw all of the crazy studying and projects - I have gained the person whom I always knew I could be.

My first time in my sparkly new uniform

Another week-end spent on my studies - it did pay off !
My poor Mr he was abandoned more times than
I can remember *sorry*

The clinic
 where we worked on our friends and family

The spa
I remember being soooo nervous my first time working on a paying client.

The line to clock out

Getting Bridgette ready for my first state board practice
I hope she brings the answers with her when we do it for real

All the Bridgettes' lined up
orgainized and efficient

My Princess
Remember she let me do her makeup for
my portfolio - I took sooo many pictures of her that day.
She was getting a tinsy winsy bit sassy by the end of the day
like mother ... like daughter =D but she is way cutier

Lord, I must have put on around 20 pounds
over the last 6 years
potlucks ROCK!!

My Peps!! These ladies are so cool.
Everyone else were actually keeping themselves busy or they would be here too.
Jackie and myself

Jeannette, Myself, Breanne, Jackie and Nicole

Not only was Jan 19th my last day
it was also Kat's. It is also Priscilla's 18th b-d

Right now I am preparing to take my State Boards *o*
and I am crying like a little sissy boy
but all I can do is be as prepared as possible.

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