Monday, February 14, 2011

To The World ... A Not So Romantic Valentine's Day

                                                                  E.B. Leighton
Now before you begin to panic and start commenting reponses of condolences let me explain. I used to - before my Mr. came into my life - half heartedly celebrated Valentine's Day. Some how this holiday always seemed to fall short on the romance meter but I never really wondered why. So one day - or several days - I really pondered the question "Why don't I LOVE this holiday ... I like flowers, candy and kisses?" "Why do I approach this day of love with such anamosity?" And I figured it out! It's not romantic. Somehow pressuring - not by me but by society - a guy to creatively profess his love for me is not romantic. Or getting me the same flowers, candy and dinner on the same day that a trillion other women are getting theirs isn't romantic to me. I just don't get it. And frankly I am too special to treated as if I am "like every other woman". I have often have said that if my husband wants a divorce all he needs to do is come home with a box of chocolate and bundle of flowers on Valentine's Day. This even goes for the children. So there is no, non, niet Valentine's to be celebrated at my house! Now mind you I AM NOT anti-romance. I am a girl in every way and we girls LOVE our acknowledements of endearment. But ladies define what you find to be romantic.

Being woken up with a kiss good-bye every morning, my yard maintained, the way he never thinks twice of spending his free time with me, just they way he looks at me *sigh*, makes an ice cream run (even during half time on Superbowl Sunday), cooks meals (even after he worked) and a million other little things my Mr. does 365 days a year is romantic to me. So on Monday when others are panic riddened and stressed about the gift they will present to their loved ones at an over crowed restaraunt where they can't even hear each other talk just to hurry home to relieve the sitter and drop into bed because of work the next day - which all frankly fall short on the romance meter but high on the "not tonight honey I am exhausted" list - I will be cuddled up with mine watching our favorite shows and enjoying our happy marriage AND I would have spent my Sunday (like I spend every Sunday) starting with a kiss and coffee and cuddling up in bed to watch Sunday Morning, talking quietly about our day (which this Sunday we are going to lunch and a movie for our Princess's birthday) and no matter what we do it would be done together and with loving contentment in our hearts but then 10pm comes and we end like it began, lots of cuddling and a kiss and quiet wispers of good night. So cut each other some slack - drop the one over hyped day and just enjoy your marriage 365. Become each others number one fan. If a couple spent a tenth of that energy on their marriage ...  WOW! what a fantastic relationship it would be and then there will be no need to celebrate one overly commercialized day. So save going out to a nice place or those perfect roses or that beautiful watch for your anniversary - a special day that belongs to just the two of you. Now doesn't that sound much more romantic?
E.B. Leighton

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