Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Woohoo - I Didn't Streak!!

I did both body treatments (which included applying self-tanner) and microderm and I did not streak!! :D You have nooo idea how excited I am. There is nothing worse than going to work two toned on your body or red hickey marks on your face to put you in a foul mood. I would have been crushed if I did and would have cried like a sissy. But I braced myself and trucked through my fears (and I have several) and came out victorious. Thank you Jesus! It was his voice of encouragment that kept me focused. May he always be near by. So that wraps up week 8 and I have 4 weeks of Module 2 left and I am completing my projects and finishing up my workbook and feeling a tad bit confident - that is ... until I remember that when I turn in my projects I also will be taking my final exam aaannnd now I am back in anxiety-land :I So for better or for worse in 4 weeks I will be able to get a personal life - ahh I almost forgot what that was. I can do my bracelets, sew, start my garden, decorate for Ol' Hallows Eve, and watch Eclipes (gee wiz by that time it will be on Netflix!). But until then the nose is in the books :D

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