Friday, September 24, 2010

Finish Line!

We have completed Module 2! Yeeeaaaa!! This week went by sooo fast!! I turned in all my projects on Tuesday (they were due on Thursday but I knew I wouldn't have time to work on it so I got done with it on Monday and turned it in early - got 100s on them). Wednesday was state board which we went threw it twice - I was sooooo nervous I could have thrown up on my doll but I didn't and I got a 95% and 97% not bad for my first time. I can live with getting those grades at the real state board - so I'm not going to fret about it but I do need to set up my bag cuz in 3 weeks I am doing it again. And Thursday I finished my course final with 100%. I figured it would be above a 95% - so this was a wonderful surprise.  Now as you know from following this blog that I don't post my grades - I just feel alittle weird doing so - BUT gosh darn it I (and my poor, sweet, fabulous Mr) have earned them. And I thought I should share my joy with you guys - since you have followed me though my crazy schedule. When I came home last night - I felt alittle bit displaced  and even right now I feel like I should be doing school work instead of writing to you. *Giggles* I feel a bit naughty ; p  So today I got some treatments by my super cool classmates.  I got a microderm and a back treatment thanks to Casey - I look smooth and pretty. And thanks to Brandi I got my legs waxed - look honey I am a girl again : D Tonight we are going to cuddle up and watch our tv shows that I missed for the last few weeks since I was ... preoccupied. This Sunday I want to get TONS of snacks and watch FOOTBALL!! I don't know who is playing - even if I did I don't really know what is going on - and if I get too bored I will go watch (what else) Gilmore Girls : D Oh - almost forgot to tell you - I am taking an advanced Brazilian class on Monday. What can I say ... I must be an overachiever ; D

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