Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Leap Year to Zombieland

This 2009 movie staring the insane Woody Harrelson was surprisingly good. If you like "Sean of the Dead" -which is great -then you will like this cleaver movie. It is a dark (very dark) comedy and I don't recommend it for 16 and under but for those of you of age it is going to knock your knickers off! It can be a bit predictable - like Woody eventually getting his Twinkie but that is ok you will be laughing too hard to really care. There is also a cameo from a comedy great but I won't tell you who .. it's a surprise. Moral of this movie is to start your cardio now - trust me :p
Now I really do love Amy Adams. I think she is just the cutest. Hello! Enchanted and Julie/Julia! This movie is a full out chick flick .. expect your man not to be sitting next to you. It is sooo predictable it is ridiculous but I didn't mind it toooo much. So go get your 1/2 gallon of ice cream and fluff up your pillows because that is what us women do when we watch a girl movie (I was eating a DQ blizzard) and shut off your cellphone so you can really enjoy this movie. Oh and her costumes are just perfect!! *Sigh* Beware though ~ the scenery is so wonderful that you will be wanting to travel to Ireland. Moral of this story is sometimes in life you get exactly what you wanted but only to realize that it isn't want you needed.

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