Monday, September 27, 2010

My Favorite Time Of The Year!

For the most part I really like Halloween -autumn colors, kids in cute costumes, baking, pumpkin spice latte, tons of family laughter and scarry movies - it is my 2nd most favorite holiday 1st being Easter (you get candy that you didn't have to beg people for, color eggs and then search for them, get a new outfit AND tons of food - sign me up!!) But Easter seems to miss that certain panache` that Halloween and Christmas has. Everyone running around and getting excited about what they are going to wear and how they are going to spend those 24hrs - even the air seems magical. And I have pulled out some of my tried and true books
and  now I am browsing thru the one true source that I constantly refer to ... Martha Stewart. There is nobody like her (thank goodness the world can only have 1 Martha at a time) her ideas and organizational skills are off the hook and even though my projects will never be quite like hers - to say the least- I still go to her for info. Here are a few of her super cute projects from her website, when (or if) you try them let me know how it went.

I do something similar with the spider web and sacs

and the baby spiders add a creepy touch

This must how Norman Bates decorated for Halloween ;p

I like this one - with a different wreath though

maybe this is the look this year - Creepy Ravens

Next weekend we will be decorating for the season and I am still unsure which way to go  - creepy graveyard *which we own tons of stuff for cuz of the kids* or classy but creepy *which means a shopping trip*. I am leaning towards classy but creepy - it is a new chapter in our lives so maybe a change will be good but I will let the budget decide this year  ; D  Maybe I will have to be classy next year  : D Oh by the way, what are you going as for Halloween? I'm leaning towards the White Queen Mirana from Alice in Wonderland but I'm still unsure.

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