Monday, September 20, 2010

The Home Stretch!

Boy - have I missed writing to you guys!! These last few weeks have just been a bit....brutal - to say the least. My little girl (20yrs old :p) as some of you might know is a diabetic and she got really ill (like ICU for 4 days kind of ill) Anyhow she's home and better and I am so relieved - I feel like I can breathe again. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Between her and finishing projects for school I haven't been able to do much of anything else and I think it's taking its toll. It has made me into a bit of a Crabby Patty :( A thousand sorrys to everyone around me.
But the great, awesome, famtabulous news is that ALL my projects are done!! I am in the last lap of this race. All I need to do is study for a course final which I take on Thursday and I am done with tests!! I finished my workbook last week so I will have NO MORE HOMEWORK. I am so happy I can cry :_D Seriously, no wonder I didn't want to apply myself this much in high school - mind you the grades are beyond great but my mind is mush. And thank goodness I am married or I would not have had a personal life. Now I have a greater appreciation for smart people. Well....only a little cuz some smart people don't have to work this hard. After this week it is all about doing services and working on my
case studies (we have clients we work on and put together a portfolio with before and after pictures - it is a cool project and you have something to take on job interviews)
So this is my desk - it is a crazy mess!! I have three cups (1 of tea and 2 of coffee)just to keep me sustained. I got an Ikea catalog so I can do my spa room project (we have to create a room and do a cost breakdown of everything we will need to open up our own place) It is much more fun if you are a creative person (which I am not-I tend to over think things). I named my spa Libellula Spa, which I guess means Dragonfly. You know I just had to :D The hardest project is the 3 cover letters and resumes - just because of trying to word things right. But the most interesting project by far was the product comparison - mine was between Olay ProX and DDF - I can't tell you which product to stay away from (I don't want to sued like Oprah) but I am confidently sticking with my DDF products and the cost points were not that far off. *INFO DDF is sold at SMI so come see us*
This coming week is also my first time doing the state board mock tests - which is a requirement for school so we are prepared for the real deal - most schools don't do this but again I'm at a superb school *portfolios, resumes and mock boards are about securing my future AGAIN this is a superb school!* So I am getting my Bridgette head ready - her hair can't touch her face so I gelled it and braided it - hopefully it will hold. The dog was tripping out she didn't know what to make of a head without a body :D I bought and filled all my containers. I will be running through the simulation later on today because I don't want to be unprepared and aparently I'm some kind of overachiever :D
Even though I have enjoyed my projects I can not wait to get my life back  - I have soaps to make, gardens to plant, blogs to read, movies to watch, recipes to try, bracelets to create and a home to decorate and I can not wait to share it all with you guys.

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