Friday, May 7, 2010

In The Garden

There is a time for everything.. a time to reap ... a time to sowe ... a time to transplate. : D  I got a few bulbs a bit back and put them in some containers and they were sitting pretty by my front door. And every time I passed by the aroma welcomed me home. But now they are going into their dormant stage. *Sigh*
So into the ground they go until next year when it surprises me with a green little sprig sprouting through the ground to let me know that spring is coming.
I moved my stevia plant into a larger pot and here it sits with my mint. Isn't it HUGE! It's all because of ....
.. this little guy. I got it for my birthday from a good friend Lauren (aka Redneck Princess) It is liquid plant food for potted plants but of course I don't listen too well and I put alittle bit through out the garden especially the potted items (mint and strawberries) And it made such a difference. Look at how beautiful it makes everything.
These are my herbs .. this past winter I lost my basil ... my first basil death LOL
Check out my jasmine plant - isn't it awesome
I thought that Carol King's Jazzman was Jasmine
I am the first to admit that I am a dork : D

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