Friday, May 14, 2010

Face Facts

A few questions I get in my everyday life is regarding face and makeup products. I will start by saying that I try not to use products that have either animal by-products (which is hard) or have been animal tested (also a bit tricky) ESPECIALLY products that don't cost alot ($50 for a foundation to me is a lot) If you go onto PETA's site CaringConsumers.Com you will find a list of companies. You can search by product (makeup, hair, personal care, ect) and you will get a HUGE list. From this approved list you will see companies that do not test such as: Revlon, Aveda, Bonne Belle, Carmex, CO Bigelow, E.L.F. Cosmetics, ect. So from this list I can purchase economical items without a: going broke and b: still keep my beliefs. Which I see as a win-win. Now let's say that I need an item and there isn't a company approved product - my next thing I look at, is the magic word biodegradable. If I can not save the animals or planet from suffering before the making of the prouct then I can try not to make my actions worsen the state of those in my immediate area. Another words - I can not save what happened from others actions but I can make sure that mine doesn't harm the environment around me. So that's what I do - I own Avon, NY Color and Hard Candy - which stamp their products non animal tested. Or I will make my own and I will share some favorite recipes with you. I wash my face with DDF Glycolic Wash and use Burt Bee's serum. Sure they might not be as good as some other companies but good enough is just fine by me. No animal should ever be harmed in order for me to be able to be "put together"!! *INHALE-EXHALE* I am not a radical vegan or anything just a simple person with a simple idea of protecting those who can not protect themselves. So I try to eat whole foods and cooking from scratch - limiting my box items that have very few ingredients (rice, cereal, oatmeal, almond milk) - and my version of eating out is grabbing taquitos from the frozen section of the store (which I don't do too often*wink*)get my sleep, excercise, enjoy my life, and wear TONS of sunscreen. And from this my skin my might have more hyperpigmentation (sun spots) than I want and I might not be as thin as I would want to be and I so far have no health issues (I don't get sick and all my body parts works) and people always tell me how they think I am 10 years younger ( if I told you my age I would have to kill you and then who will follow me : D)

Now how can anyone test on something so precious is beyond me - I could never look those people in the eye and be ok with what they do.

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