Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Robin

Another Robin Hood movie! Are you serious!?! Is there truely a need for it? Well aparently there is because another one is out. This one is with Russell C as Robin Hood and even though I have only seen the previews for it - already seems like Lord of the Rings (meaning that it's a bit gloomier and a bit darker) than the others. Well this started me thinking about ALL the Robin movies I have seen and here are my favorite picks in order.  
#4 Robin and Marian
Even though I was young when this movie came out in 1976 - I best remember seeing it in my early teens. This is the "then what happened" story of Robin and Marian - give you a hint if you haven't seen it. They broke up and she joined a convent. Well what else would a woman do if they broke up with Sean Connary? It has Robert Shaw and Audrey Hepburn (who was away from movies for about 9 years).
#3  Robin Hood - Men in Tights
Now what is there not to like about Men in Tights. Leave it to Mel Brooks to bring a movie that has singing, silliness, and best of all men in tights. It has a great cast: Carey Elwes (who is such a pretty man), Richard Lewis, Amy Yasbeck, Dave Chappelle, and Isaac Hayes (remember the theme song to Shaft). Funny, funny movie.
#2 Robin Hood
I like this 1974 Walt Disney version of Robin Hood. I can't help it - when I see this movie I feel like I am 5 again. I can not imagine someone going through their entire life without having watched this movie.
#1 Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves
Now I don't know why anybody pretends that this isn't the best Robin Hood movie EVER! This movie came out in 1991 and even the sound track (Bryan Adams "Everything I do") did very well. Kevin C is a great Robin - he bring out Robin's charm and charisma. He and Morgan Freeman were so funny together. And Alan Rickman as the Sheriff - "I will cut his heart out with a spoon" "Why a spoon Cousin" " Because it's dull - it'll hurt more, you twit!" classic. And Mary Elizabeth M. makes a strong Marion. And the embrace at the end between Robin and Marion when he rescued her "you came for me .. I would die for you" Yup I teared up.

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