Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank You San Diego

When we got done at the Wildlife Zoo we stopped at Orfila Vineyards for a little refreshment or maybe something to eat. When we got there we walked into a ... bridal show! Mr. thought we were crashing a wedding LOL Guys, thank goodness they are cute : p  So after looking around (and taking in the BEAUTIFUL scenary)and people congradulating us for being married for 15 years - we belled up to the tasting bar. And after a few tastings, we came home with a Coastal White Reisling. It is soo good. And we decided to open it on our anniversary with a cozy meal for 2  ; D  - If you are planning a wedding and live near there, I encourage you to go onto their website or give them a call because it would be a spectacular place for such a wonderful day. From here we go on our way back to Mission Bay Drive where Sea World is at and kept driving figuring there were will find a beach and maybe a restaurant with a view to have our last dinner at. Well we found a roller coaster then a life tower then ..... WATER!! So we walk the board walk and pass little shops and eating places and bars (which we like a quiet dinner for two without the loud club music) We ended up eating at a little blib of a place called Sportsmen's Seafood which was by the docks - we had a seafood platter and watched boats dock for the night.

Thank you again San Diego for a memerable week.
"Stay Classy San Diego"   The Legend of Ron Burgandy

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