Wednesday, March 30, 2011


As part of a promise I made to myself was to connect with ALLLL my favorite bloggers. And Anna Allen at Graceful Lady is no exception. She is a talented seamstress (she created the wonder jacket she is wearing *sigh*) that lives in this old church from the turn of the century which is perfect for her since her gifted hands create reenactment garments from the Civil War period. And as any honest sewer will tell you - you must be gifted to tackle that era ... the details are tremmmmendous. Anyhow apparently she isn't the only talented one in her family... her siblings wanted to make a short film and it is THE MOST bewitching things I have seen ... from the camera shots to the music (for those taking the "A Better Us" challenge this band is totally safe-the band's name is Balmorhea and the song is "Rememberance") it is captivating, enchanting and haunting - I absolutely LoOoVe it - so much I HAD to share it. Please pass it along. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go create something =D

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