Monday, March 28, 2011

Fixing An Old Friend

I can't remember the first time I laid eyes on my old friend. She has been with me for at least 30 years!! Not only has she kept me safe from vampires (did you know vampires can't bite thru cotton! LOL childhood superstitions) and warm but also was a tent, a raft, and a superman cape for the kids. Ahhhhhh the memories.
I always thought she was meant for just me - since it had my name on it. That she was created magically and found its way to me.
Well after all these years she is starting to look her age =D So into the repair shop she goes.
As I stitch her I wonder what else she will be to the next generation: A throw on the floor? Will they learn their alphabets (well part) and colors from these blocks? How about an Aladdin rug that will fly us to far away lands? A picnic blanket when we take them to the park? What will you be my dearest and oldest friend?
Now with Spring here I will place you with prominence.The best thing about this sheet (it has no backing-it is simply a bunch of scraps of fabric sewn together) is that she is so colorful and  lightweight perfect for Phoenix summers. I adore her imperfections (seems that don't meet right) it shows that others tried to save her too. Welcome my dearest friend - I have missed you so very much.

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