Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Week In Review

I'm sorry about not keeping up this week but I've been getting a few things done before leaving for Oahu tomorrow (AT LIKE 4AM!!!)

*I've been packed since Monday night =D
*Renewed my license ... it expires on my birthday which is April 9th (I know...I know...I just got it)
*A quick run to TJMax got me this one piece - its got a retro vibe even though the color is bright - it was the only one I liked that didn't make me want to fling myself infront of a truck *o*
*Our washer is a GE Profile which we got for a smoking deal! It has a short spin thingy so it acts as a front loader and saves on water (yea!) without any front loader problems (double yea!)
*Super cleaned the house (walls, doors. bird cage, ect), since when we return it will be Passover the following Monday and also back to work for us *tears* we might not have too much time to clean everything before hand.
*Oh did you check out April's cottage over at The Old Painted Cottage - well you should!
*Repolished my piggly wigglys with OPI's Hawaiian Orchid which I just LoOoVe - it is sheer so 3-4 layers is usually needed but I do 2 coats on my fingers.
*I have been checking out the Lisette Patterns - they are the perfect summer wardrobe. I wish I thought of it sooner - I could have made everything I needed *drats* :-(
*In-Laws are here and we are watching RED which my swet Mr is obsessed with - we are going to have such a GrEaT time!! They are definately the cool parents!
*Got a new book for my trip "Don't Cry" by Beverly Barton - unfortunately I haven't finished my other book (don't judge LOL) but I'm going to take it anyway...6 hr flights might be the incentive to read =D

Well I gotta go - I have to figure out how to down size my beauty regime =D ALOHA

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