Monday, March 21, 2011

I DID IT!!!!!

I AM a licensed aesthetician!!
I can't get over it! I'm just blown away!
Allllll the studying - Allllll the hours away from my family.It all payed off - extra classes, perfect attendance, honor roll!I had a few doubts that I would (others didn't but I did).

 I haven't told you yet about the day of my practical exam. Go get some coffee and have a seat - I'll wait for you *giggles* Are you cozy - this is alittle long. OK-Ready? Ugh what a day - First as My Prince and I were getting ready to leave when Rio (the dog) decides to pull an exorcism and puke evvvveryyywhere *o* ~Never fails - right - when you HAVE to be somewhere something weird happens ~ So we hurriedly cleaned it up and rushed off to school (late of course) and I rushed off to my test. Noooo problem I still have 1 1/2 hrs before the test, right? Well with the wonderful Phoenix traffic *hmm* it took me 1 hr 15mins (as opposed to the 45mins it should have taken) to get to my location AND panicked when I passed the hotel as to if I had enough time to get on/off the freeway and return in time of the test. I quickly found a side street to turn around...perfect! I get in and I saw two people that I knew - good friendly faces. 9am SHARP!! Time to start - I get into the room (last of course)  and put my bag under my table and I was alittle (ok ALOT) nervous and my only thought when I went in was from the Gospel of St Thomas:"I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there."
So...if I'm the kingdom of God and he resides with me then all that I do is his will. And with that thought I gave over my test to God and it began. I did fumble a few times (I grabed a few wrong items but my movements were in the correct order but nothing that would merit a "Fail" grade - I didn't think so atleast
but the mean testers might have a different opinion - I was just wanting to hurry and get to the makeup portion which in my opinion is the easiest part of the test.This is where is gets funny. We get to the makeup part *sigh of relief* and I go and turn my Bridette head *you might remember her from earlier posts*
and she with her clamp POP OFF the table. All I did was stare at her as if someone shot her *o*
hurrying up and getting my wipes and spray I cleaned the clamp. Now, we are to treat our dolls as if they are people but on the other hand anything that falls gets sprayed. she a person or an object. Tick Tick Tick Tick The overseer was to my left and my tester was on my right Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick "Just pick up the bloody head already we are running out of minutes" is what I was thinking - so I sprayed her. I get her on her clamp and my foundation fell *thank goodness for plastic* That's what I get for thinking that aaaany part of this test was going to be easy. Well I pickup up the bottle and since I'm super organized I  proceeded to complete my task *stay focused and I'll be fine* I completed the test in time AN the most important thing .... her makeup turned out well *spoken like a true makeup person* =D The exam ended and my clamp was on a tinsy bit tight *yea now it won't budge* I clean up and said my Thank You's.

"OF THE DAY I TOOK MY STATE BOARD PRACTICAL". When I got home later that day I sat on the couch and .... have you seen Over Board with Goldie Hawn? - the scene where she did all those chores and she was sitting on the couch "buh buh buh buh buh" well that is how I felt. Funny stuff.

But I got my license and life is perfect! Now I have a few things in the works - nothing that I want to jinx but I will let you know when things are finalized. Now I am having a dilema balancing work with my family life. So, I am working on some challenges for myself that I would love for you guys to try out with me. It is to help keep me focus on what is truely important in ones life: God and Family.

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