Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Donate! Donate your time, money, skills - it doesn't matter just donate! There are sooooo many suffering and in need of your help - it is our duty as children of God to help each other when we can. This isn't the same as giving money to guy on the corner who will spend the cash on alcohol - this is someone who has lost evvvvverthing and is just wanting some food for themselves and their families. My favorite "go to" charity is The Red Cross - they are the first to get in and start helping - please see what you can do. But there are so many people that are setting up support for Japan and over at Posy Gets Cozy she put up a post linking others who are paticipating in donations/auctions.

In the Bible Nehemiah was assigned to rebuilding the wall around the city - which was a daunting task but instead of one guy building the new wall, everybody pitched in by doing only a section of the wall because of this - the wall was rebuilt in record time. The point is, sometimes a job is too big for just one person to do by themselves but together we can do wonders. Think ... if a billion people only donated a dollar to Japan - even more if you think of what your drink at Starbucks cost now *o* Again we are all connected some how - some way and besides you never know next time the person needing help is ... you.

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