Friday, June 11, 2010

My Pets' Life

Here are the goings on in the lives of my smallest family members.

1st one to remote has it for the night :D                                          Everyone quiet its gonna start! Yes you!!
Nothing like a nap in a quiet spot (the towel cabinet) after a good movie. LOL.

 Tweet! Tweet! Tweet-tweet!
Rocken Cocketeil - sure why not!

Hey man help me out - which is my best side?

This side?
Or this side?


                                                                     I'm serious!! Which side?!

There are too many of them!
Mom - with all these pets .....
.....I'm still your favorite, right?

No - that's just Jaws doing his new trick. A head stand! But everytime he does it, I run to the camera and then he won't do it again. One of these days I'll get you my pretty - in a picture. : D

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