Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well about 100 years ago (well 23 to be exact) I went to cosmo school and I did complete it but I didn't take my state boards (I have about 3 dozen reasons why not). One is that I wasn't that into hair but I was more into the makeup and skin aspects of cosmotology (which they really don't go into too much detail) and I had noooo idea that you could practice just those things - what you don't have to do hair or nails - well that's just crazy! Yes!! I was that niave and maybe in some aspects I still am. But I did promise I would finish and that is what I did. A promise is a promise!! Anyhow, fast forward my life to the present and by the grace of Jehovah given an opportunity to go to Aesthetician School!! I am soo nerve racked but very excited too. All the what if's keep creeping up. What if: the old hands can't hold up, you fail anatomy, or chemistry, aren't you too old for this kind of change, who will keep the home clean when you are at school, who will cook the meals during the week, are you sure you want to do this much homework, don't forget the projects and worse what if you fail! Then what?! Gee all valid concerns and the only answer that I have is that if Jehovah God in his great wisdom did not think I could do this and do this well, he would have never given me this opportunity. So starting June 29, 2010 I'm off to school and with that start my new label "School Daze" because more than likely I will be in a daze for the next 8 months. LOL So hopefully I'll will be able to keep up on my regular posting and new stuff such as projects that I need to submit. As for my home and hearth my wonderful Mr. will be helping out (like always-I can not tell you what a blessing this man has been in my life) and I think he is more excited about this new adventure than I am. That is ... until wax class. :-D

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