Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Ready For Summer

For some people getting ready for summer means cute clothes, cool colors and tanned skin. And I guess I am no exceptions. This week I am going with this bright pink polish and I ammm looooving iiit. It is "Free Fall" from Pure Ice which I purchased at the Walmart and costed just a few bucks. Again, if it is a color that you are going to wear constantly then you can splurge on the more expensive brand, if not then cheaper is always better. One of my biggest pet peeves (and yes there are A LOT!!) is the farmer's tan with ghost legs(which I am also sporting LOL)People please! I'm begging you! STOP the atrocity!! There are plenty of self tanners that can remedy this problem. I usually use L'Oreal's "Sublime" and I really do like it but this time I am using Banana Boat's "Summer Color" in Deep Dark Color. Now a few tricks that you can do in order to get an even color are: One, is to exfoliate. If you do not take off the dead layer of skin sitting on the epidermis before applying the color, in a day or so, you will start to streak because the color would have attached itself to the dead skin. I use a few things depending on the condition of my skin - either I do dry brushing or I use the apricot scrub (yes the stuff for the face and NEVER EVER use it on your face!! Use a deeper foundation and bronzer - don't apply tanner as it may clog pores. And if you use acne products-the salicylic acid exfoliates the skin and your color won't hold). Two, is do not apply lotion or oil before applying color - the color won't stick to the skin if you do this. Three, don't apply color to the elbows, knees or ankles if you do thoughs areas will turn a funny orangey-brown. You apply the color to the area above and below and then feather towards these areas. Fourth, the more olive the skin the greener the tanner should be. If you have olive skin, which I do, "Dark Sensation" by Sun works really well. Fifth, is not to over tan - using it every third day should be fine any closer that then you run the risk of the tanner getting too dark but it doesn't get bronzey dark it gets orangey dark and that is what we are not trying to achieve. Always remember to keep the skin moisturized between salt, chlorine and summer heat, your skin will get dried out. And if this happens the skin will flake and it will start to streak. So keep the skin moisturized!!!

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