Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week 3 ~ Room 3

Well, how did you do? Me .... hmmmm ..... uhmmmm .... wellllll .... not as good as I would have liked. This room is our dumping room - even though we see it daily - it definately needs attention.

I am sooooo embarassed but what can I say. The top photo is what is seen from the livingroom - which isn't too bad, just dusty and the computer has papers everywhere since Mr. is going through the taxes *_*  The second picture can't be seen from the livingroom and we store things to donate and home project stuff (dropcloth, leveler, paint brushes, ect) here since we are planning on starting the guest bathroom reno very soon (it will be our summer project since it will be too hot to work outside) When we are done renoing this room it is going to look great (mind you it can't look too much worse) but we will have a wall of tall shelves and an antique desk in the center and perhaps a club chair by the window - are hopes is that it will look like an office/library.

This room falls in the Helpful People/Travel so this is the room that I keep an old map of Panama (I lived there for the last 12 year the US had possession) and also trinkets and personal items from family  (I know I should have them in the Family section on the other side of the house but that is technically in the closets of the craft room and guest bedroom so I keep family things here. I did spray paint the picture frames a flat black to enhance this area but it will need more attention. The cabnet is filled with VHS movies and family photo albums that need to be dispurst to others so that they can enjoy them.

The next room is the living room - this one is easy peasy since it doesn't have to much going on so I will focus more on cleaning the fake trees, washing the walls and super cleaning the couches. This room falls in the Fame and middle of the house which is in the Self section. Looking through the lens has a way of making me look at things differently. Well ... talk soon =D

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