Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 2 - Room 2

Okay - how tricky was this room? I did seem to have a lot of unneccessary and half opened duplicate  items. I even went and bought new first aid items, since I couldn't remember the last time I bought those items I wasn't going to chance it. My bathroom to me represents my morning chaos - yes I know I bring it upon my myself but I am streamlining my morning routine - it won't be any where near a guy's routine but I can make it somewhat easier on myself AND still look presentable. I hope =D

Before  *_*
I try to keep an organized linen closet - so it was just a matter of weeding through the items I don't use anymore annnnd there were plenty. I did take some calcium remover cleaner (yes - I know but the home made stuff really wasn't giving me what I wanted) to the faucets/shower head and truely cleaned the shower door. My bathroom is so clean and pretty that I don't want anybody in there.

After  = D

After - linen closet
This room is in 1/2 the 'Creativity' and 1/2 in 'Helpful People' and I have some ideas on how to decorate it but for now I am going to try to keep it clean and clutter free.

Alright, moving right along the next room to tackle will be our office/catch all area - you go through this room to get to the master bedroom but I don't really spend too much time there and it shows *.*  My Mister has been spending everynight there practicing on his new guitar he got for Christmas - it is one of my daily pleasures. This room falls in the 'Helpful People' section and I do need to pay abit more attention to this room. In here I will be going through our movie collection (I believe we are in the mid 200s right now - we did have more but when the kids moved out they took some with them) and the file cabnets. I know I have stuff in there from when the kids were first homeschooled ...11 years ago! Holy Cow!! I am also going to try to go through the main computer (I mostly use my laptop) and sort out all my favorited, papers that are no longer needed and if ambitious enough, maybe even sort all the pictures. Maybe. This room is currently being used as the catch all and 'things to donate' drop of zone - not too sure about moving that part out but maybe I can just arrange things.

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