Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 1 - Room 1 Review

Well .... how did you do? Me not too bad. I didn't get to accomplish alllll my goals but I did do the majority of it. So I am going to chaulk it off as a success. I didn't get to wash the windows or the curtains. But since I let my bird out and she perches on the curtain rod - I just wiped down the curtains and I will save washing them until the very end. Here are the before and after of the room - don't judge too harshly *o*
YIKES! Things just get waaaay out of hand when I don't keep myself in check. I did want to say - I did get 1 full kitchen bag to donate and 1 full bag for trash. Which is just crazy since I cleaned my room back in the begining part of November and got a full bag of trash then too - so to have this much trash was just crazy. But I am proud that I threw out more stuff. Now also what I did is that if I couldn't seem to part with an item - I put it in a box and put it in my craftroom (which will be next to the last room to organize) this gives me about 5 maybe 6 weeks and if I haven't even thought about the item then - then I know that the item isn't worth keeping.
Desk After

Night Stand After

After this picture was taken I added flowers on the night stand which is in the right hand corner of the room - this is to strengthen the 'relationship section' - the desk is clutter free inside (now I have 'space' for new projects and ideas) and on top which helps with creativity (it's hard to be creative if you can't get to the computer or even a pen) - the closet is straightened (I didn't go through my clothes since I'm torn about how much to get rid of so I'm giving myself some time) and poor Rio I found 4 of her balls under the bed  ^. .^  But it feels good to have my room back again = D 

Next week the room is the master bathroom - now my morning routine can leave this room a bit windblown - to say the least. But remember tackle only 1 small task at a time - 1 drawer .... then the other ... clean just the shower .... then just the tub and so-forth. I can't remember the last time the floor got a really good down on my knees scrubbing but I know it is looooong over due. For me this room falls in part of the 'creativity' and in the 'helpful people' section of the pagua. The 'relationship' and 'helpful hints' section work off one another. Helpful people are anybody who helps you in your life - not just a co-worker with projects but also the stranger who stops and helps you fix your flat tire. As well ... this area has a strong water influence so putting the toilet lid down and keeping all drains covered helps with keeping your money from 'going down the drain'. Also clean them out - pour about 1/2 small box of baking soda in the drain and pour vinegar - it will foam up so pour SLLLOOOWLY. Then run hot tap water for about a minute to really flush gunk out *_*  Don't forget to restock the medicine cabinet and if something is expired - for goodness sake TOSS IT OUT!! Also this is a great time to toss out your old toothbrush, clean your makeup and hair brushes and look how to organize this area to really suit your needs. Again - I am going to try not to buy anything since I am planning on revamping this room later this year - so I might pull things from other room to 'freshen up' the room.

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