Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Better Us Challenge #5 did it go? Week before was rouuuugghh!!!! It sucked soooo bad - I was constantly upset *o* about "trying" to go slower especially when I was pressed for time, which seemed like allll the time. BUT last week I started a new job - nothing earth shattering - but it is literally 8 mins (during rush hour traffic!) from my house AND quitting time is 5pm Monday thru Friday (I have worked Saturdays for the past 8 years-so this weekend was abit bizarre for me) FANTASTIC PERKS =D So last week driving slower wasn't a problem. LoViNg it...LoViNg IT!!

Challenge #5 - Leave a place better than you when you arrived. That's it!

Seriously, that's the whole challenge. I went to watch a movie today (review coming) and when I was in the restroom I had to put my purse between my legs while trying to wash my hands because the counter was splashed with water - ladies I KNOW you know what I mean. This got me thinking - what if EVERYONE wiped down the counter after use? See I got in the habit about 16 years ago of wiping down a counter with my papertowel after drying my hands (common courtesy when I'm at church and it is just now a quirk of mine) but leaving a place alittle bit better than when we arrived will show the person who is coming up behind us how much we respect them without saying a word. Think WHAT IF: while you were in the bedroom folding your clothes, someone washed the dishes or took out the trash or changed the laundry without being harassed OR being able to park because all the carts were in the return OR respected your time by having their order ready when it was their turn at the Starbucks or had their method of payment ready ... understand where I am going with this? This is an unspoken kind of respect, not only to be reserved for our loved ones, but is a simple act of kindness for all humankind that needs to be added into our everyday routine that nobody should rebuke. 1Peter 3:13 asks, "Indeed, who is the man that will harm you if you become zealous for what is good?" Who indeed, I ask!

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