Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I was in a daydream all day today. It started with catching the end of Coco Before Chanel and her costumes had my head spinning. All I wanted to do is create something ... anything! Perferable something wearable, maybe another skirt or jewlery, something pretty and sweet. With the appending lunar eclipes on the 15th interferring the house of communication, things have seemed harder than need be. Clarifying - work is great and so is Mr. but it is those that communicate with them that make friction, making life a bit ... off kilter. Not the kind that makes me extremely psychotic but the kind that makes me wonder "how long will the house of communication be affected?" (*which is why I made the challenge this week what it is-so we can truely focus on others*) Then I get home to my semi-new friend Julie and Julia *smiles* and my mood is changed. *SNAP!!* Just like that! Transported to "happyland" and every single time I watch it I get the craziest urge to bake!! So I did - while watching the movie, blogging to you and listening to Henry Wolfe "Stop The Train" which is such an adorable tune - I made my stand-by chocolate chip cookies - my little secret, well secrets, tablespoon of molasses (cut back sugar by 1/4cup), dashes of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger and of course ... butter. There is something mischievous about having cookies and milk for dinner - it's one of those things you said as a kid you will do when you are a "grown-up" but when you grow up you need to watch your weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and half a dozen other things that now you are stuck eating brown rice and veggies (slightly saute'd without butter - the horror!) *o* Well I'm going to clean up now and hit the hay early - if the world wants a piece of me tomorrow I will want to be well rested for it. =D Nighty-Night!

Linked this post over at Women Living Well if you haven't seen Courtney's blog then you can do so now - it is full of wonderful ideas!

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