Monday, May 23, 2011

A Better Us Challenge #4

WOW! I really liked that challenge! How about you guys? It really made me stop ..... and think about someone else ALOT more. I mean besides the usual "I wonder what the kids are up to this weekend?" or "Oh, I got to remind Mr. to start the dryer!" - it was tough not going through my usually day and this really made me feel connected to those I truely care for through out the day. I think I am going to see if I can do it for another week.

Challenge #4 - Obey ALL driving laws! Turn signal, go the exact (if not less BUT NEVER MORE) than the posted speed limit, don't cut infront of others and wave to people when they let you in (last is just politeness and not an actual rule but it should be).

In Mark 12:17 it is written, Jesus then said: "Pay back Caeser's things to Caeser but God's things to God."  and since we have been focusing on what GOD wills us to do and part of what HE wants ... is for us to obey the laws around us. Easy right? Don't kill anybody, lie, steal or cheat - all the major ones do seem to be the easiest to follow but this small task has ALWAYS been one (the other is the Shabbat - later about that one) of my hardest ones and understandably.  I LIKE speeding through traffic - I am such a procrastinator that I don't give myself enough time to get to my destination without being late. But that isn't GOD's will - HIS will is for me to be alittle bit more diciplined with myself so that I am ready in plenty of time to get to my destination safely. So this task is to teach me (us) self control - some of us are on the road on average 1 hour a day (and some even more) and carelessly treat each other unkindly during that time frame - we cut infront of others as if OUR wants and OUR time are truely more important than those of others. No wonder we experience road rage. And where are we really going in such a hurry that is sooooo important?! Soccer practice? Home to make dinner or change laundry? To work? How about church? How many of you break this rule that GOD has established on the way to HIS house? Ever wondered how that makes HIM feel? HE doesn't care that you missed the opening hymn but HE does mind that you can not keep such a simple rule! This one is tough, so to ensure that you are prepared you might need to change your routine: make coffee/lunches or snacks for the road the night before, place out clothes for everyone (if it needs repairing/ironing do it either on a certain day or the night before), don't get lower than a 1/4 tank of gas (then you won't have to stop at the gasstation on the way into work), you might want an "emergency box" extra snacks like pretzles and change of clothes, leave at least 15mins sooner than you normally would and also you might want to either record yourself or invest on bible on tapes if you like to read your passages BEFORE work (think how much of a blessing it is to get an hour in with GOD rather than just a few quick minutes). Well I'm off to make my lunch and set out my clothes.

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