Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oahu 2011 - Around the Hotel

Hello everyone!! I took some cool and not so cool pictures in Oahu. I think I am going to group them by theme rather than day .... trust me it will make it go faster. I am sorry it took so long but I get a tinsy bit snap happy - like literally 800 pictures =D My in-laws were asking "Where's Roxanne?" and my Mr. was like "Don't worry she's somewhere taking pictures." But all that means is that I have ALOT .. AlOt ... AAAALOTTT!!! of pictures to go thru and edit.

I will start with the pictures from the hotel. We stayed at the Makaha Resort and Golf Club on the west side of the island, I picked it because it was faaaaar from where tourist normally stay (we decided to rent a car so that we wouldn't feel isolated - best decision we ever had and parking wasn't hard or costly like everybody was telling us.) It is an older hotel but that didn't bother me - all I wanted was greenery all around me and that is exactly what I got. We were about 40 mins from Honolulu where Pearl Harbor is at and 30 mins from the Dole Plantation - and for some of us living in a big city...that drive is nothing =D The thing that through us for a loop was seeing all the chickens...those suckers are eeeeverryyywherrrre AND how there were no seagulls. We figured that we would be swarmed by them but not a one to be found. Hmm. Well let's get started.

              When we opened our patio door
               this is what we saw

                On the patio-we can see the ocean

                The restaraunt-view of the course and more ocean

              This reminds us of "King Kong"

                  Pool side

To our room-yup more ocean

                 These guys were everywhere

                  I was addicted to taking pics of flowers

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