Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Better Us Challenge #2

I bet you thought I forgot about this challenge .... well I didn't. I was going to post it on Sunday but it got too late and then Monday but it was Passover, then came Tuesday and I got a tinsy bit carried away editing pictures of Hawaii ... so that brings me to tonight. I thought this challenge would be great for this week, so we can do it for the half week and still be equally effective. Remember this challenge was to be enjoyed not be a burden. Being a better person should never be a burden.

So how did week #1 work for you guys? Did you feel/act calmer? I had a somewhat difficult week - not because of the music but when I clean I like to crank up my tunes *cranking Bach isn't the same* besides that I was fine.

Challenge #2 - Not to watch anything that doesn't have a "G" rating. The ONLY exception to this rule are for those whose family members are in the service and they are keeping tabs via CNN or something. OR if it is for a job. Keep it short!

*IF ... you were to watch TV this week try to make it related to the life and sacrifice of Jesus. I'll post some movie suggestions later.*
This is to continue with purifying our minds. Now that we have "curbed" what we listened to let's try what we see. Let's see ... what do we learn from "House Wives Of...", "CSI", even my "Hawaii-50" umm let's start with killing, swearing, cheating, and lying - "WOW ... Can I be like them when I grow up?" Now let's see ... if we spent our days/nights: playing games, draw/sketch/paint, bird watching, play music, reading (be careful what kind), sewing, gardening, cooking/baking, go to the park/have a picnic, go for a walk or simpling talking to each other while making s`mores. *sigh* That last one sounds nice, right? The kids won't fuss - they want your time! So stop worrying about if they will go for it. Don't tell them what you are doing, just simply say "Hey guys I was thinking how about pizza and a game tonight after homework?" and 99.9% of the time the answer will be "Yea!" followed by some hooting =D As for your spouse ... they will  LOoOoVE to have a calm, happy and enjoyable night with their family. What spouse wouldn't want the attention of a loved one?

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