Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Gifts

A belated post I know - please forgive me but
I wanted to share a couple of items I made for a select few (with hand made gifts I only give to those who will geniunely enjoy the gift and two I only make for a few because of time constrains - this way the gift never feels like it was intrusive or a burden.) I am just so elated on how great everything came out.
I made a lap blanket for my boss (which I was so excited about that I forgot to take a picture) =o I made it with acrylic yarn, for easy cleaning, it is tan with color flecks in it - I alternated single crochet and double crochet all the way across using a 'P' hook. It came out so pretty that I am thinking of making it for my mom-n-law for her birthday (shhh don't tell her) ; D

I made my other boss this shawl. I racked my brain on what to get her and I came across this pattern on the Lion Heart Yarn website and I knew I needed to whip it up in a hurry for her. I also made this using acrylic yarn but I used the Simply Soft by Caron in Bone and it came out so perfect. It is a simple series of a shell stich pattern and now I need to make this for myself.

I love, LoVe, LOOOOVe making candles - the whole house smells so wonderful. I have been making them a lot this season - mostly small votive sizes. But for special friends I breakout the big boys. These particular candles are layered with carmel, sugar cookies, and apple pie scents. These two particular friends are what some might deem "health nuts" so I thought food scents would be perfect for them. They also got a treat by receiving two gifts. The second are my bracelets. Have I told you I make bracelets? Well, I do. I started making id bracelets for my princess because she is diabetic and we wanted an id bracelet that she could wear to dances -they came out so nice that I made a copy for me, then another, then another - well you get the idea. Each bracelet I make has this silver dragonfly on it (of course ;D ) And the tins I used were painted Newman's Own ginger mint tins - I have a thing about saving tins. I don't know why. But these came out too cute, I painted the top a cranberry color, when it dried I put a sticker on it and then sprayed polyurethane (I know - I know bad Roxanne) over it to make it shinny and to keep the paint from getting scratched.

So far that is all I can show you - this year everybody had Christmas with other family members and so that we can still see everyone - we decided to simply move Christmas. So this year we are celebrating it on Jan 1st - I am never one to celebrate something on the right day anyhow. But ... I have these gifts ... under the tree ... and it's killing me ... not knowing what ... they ... are. *o* I have shaken and bribed and nobody will crack - I should return all their gifts and get them a big bag of Kingsford charcoal. That'll teach them - LOL.

A MUST share - look what I got! Isn't it great! I might put him in the craft room or maybe save him for someplace special - like my own space. Hmmmm - where to put him =D

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